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Earn Free AWC

How to earn free AWC? In this article, we provide an overview of how you can earn free AWC with us. AWC is a token, issued by Atomic Wallet. It serves as an internal currency for Atomic Wallet users and gives rewards for holders. On April 30th 50% of AWC was burned on the ETH blockchain and released on Binance mainnet. Now AWC is available as AWC-ETH token and as AWC-986. You can buy AWC on Binance DEX and IDEX exchanges. But the following are the ways of how you can get free AWC from us! 1. Airdrop Our long-term airdrop program is an easy way to earn free AWC. You need to sign up for it using your email. Then you will receive your unique code, that you can share with others. And you need to hold 1 BNB or 50 BNB-AWC in your wallet. This rule applies to those who registered with your code as well. The more users will sign-up with your code – the more AWC you will get. The distribution is every mid-month. To sum-up: 1. Register to our Airdrop and receive your unique promo code. THIS PROMO CODE : 18Q9T7 2. Hold 50 AWC-BNB or 1 BNB in your wallet. 3. Share your code with others. 4. Receive 10 AWC for registration and 5 AWC for every referral. Please note: we only give rewards to users who followed all the rules properly. We manually check for scam, paid traffic and other forms of cheating.


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